Summer of Code (XSSS) – Building great businesses

16 06 2010

Earlier this year, I was invited to a Summer of Code panel session with Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Lance Wiggs, and Glenn Andert on building great businesses.  This YouTube clip neatly summarises my philosophy.


Bright Ideas Challenge

5 05 2010

Here I am talking up the Bright Ideas Challenge, and why innovation is important to Wellington and New Zealand.

Creative Destruction in the Music Industry at Ignite Wellington

7 04 2010

Ignite Wellington was part of Global Ignite Week, and I was invited to do a talk as part of this exciting and (as a presenter) nerve-wracking endeavour.  Each presenter is given exactly 5 minutes to present, and allocated 20 Powerpoint slides which are automatically advanced every 15 seconds; the presenter has no control over the pace.  My Twitter and Facebook friends helped me decide to do a talk on Creative Destruction in the Music Industry, which you can watch below.