Convince me to invest in your startup

What do angel investors like me look for in investable early-stage companies? It’s all about: You and your team Your market Your startup Your progress Your financial plan Your investment terms Your other investors (and a few other things too). Watch the video of a talk I gave on the subject at CreativeHQ‘s Startup Garage…

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My TEDx talk: The four superpowers of the Internet

I gave a talk at the first TEDxWellington this year, called “The four superpowers of the Internet”, which are being direct, open, accessible and free. These superpowers are all underpinned by the golden rule, that we should treat all others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. This modern force of good has driven the explosive growth of the Internet, and can turn all of us into leaders and heroes. It includes an homage to entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs as the heroes of our generation leading the creative destruction that will bring about a better world, and includes a brief history of the Internet and its governance and why humming is an effective tool in bringing about consensus.

Enjoy. A transcript follows.

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Questions for ventures seeking funding

People regularly approach me or one of my investment entities asking for a meeting to discuss their venture and possible investment.  If I know them, they’ve been referred to me by someone I trust, or they have an amazing LinkedIn profile I usually take the meeting.  If they’ve crafted a great short pitch or include…

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