Farewell, Julian Carver

Very early this year, one of my closest friends, Julian Carver, died. This post told the story of his death from my perspective, along with my learnings from the experience.

Sadly, one of Julian’s surviving family members has asked me to remove this post, as “it’s too soon”.  In respect to them, I have removed it.

The bottom line is that we all need to do a better job of looking after each other.

Be kind to each other people.


  1. What a word of encouragement, reflection and the way forward to overcome the challenges that we encounter in our sojourn on Earth. Thank you for this piece of writing. It is eye opener. May the soul of Julian rest in peace.

  2. Sadly we now live in an age where narcissism and human-to-human disconnection are rapidly escalating due to a digital first world and not seeing the signs will be a lot easier.

  3. Yes today we are less connected, not more as we sometimes assume.
    When anyone leaves us it is a sad moment.
    When we could have helped a journey through life and we missed that opportunity it is so sad, today this is increasingly the case that we miss those signals where little contact would have helped a soul.
    Kia Kaha Dave.

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