EdTech startups, and the key to startup success

Last week was Techweek2020, and I ran a series of EdTech showcases, interviewing NZ Education Technology companies.

The highlight of the week for me was Tim Vaughan, the Chief Revenue Officer at Education Perfect talking about what’s made them so successful:

There’s no secret, it boils down to:

  • A pathological obession with customer experience, which extends beyond the product itself
  • Find where the expectation is, and try to exceed it
  • Stay really, really close to users
  • Avoid the temptation to say you know the answer, and have the humility to keep listening

This is great advice not only for EdTech startups, but for any company.

The clip above is part of a session co-hosted by Tara Fagan which included:

  • Maths Adventures: Making learning an exciting adventure
  • Geo AR Games: We’re getting kids off the couch and active outside through Augmented Reality mobile games
  • Gamefroot: Where Coding Meets Creativity
  • Electric Garden: Growing the next generation of Digital Thinkers
  • Enrolmy: Join the movement of class providers using Enrolmy to easily launch their virtual classes out to the world
  • Education perfect: Designing Futures


Here’s the full session recording:

You might also be interested in the other sessions.

Part 1, co-hosted by Helen Cooper showcased

  • LearnCoach: Government schooling online
  • Augmented Learning: High quality eLearning, membership sites & online courses
  • Creative Forest: Discover, grow and share your talents.
  • Chasing Time English: Producing quality drama series, online learning and classroom teaching materials specifically for English language education
  • Skillsme: Land your dream job without a resume
  • Amy.app: AI tutoring that makes math easy for everyone

Here’s the clip:

Part 3 co-hosted by Annabel Robertson showcased

  • Squawk Squad: Inspiring a generation of tamariki to become kaitiaki for Aotearoa
  • EDU Systems: “Kia mōhio ki te tōtara kei roto i te purapura” borrowed from Te Wharehuia Milroy or loosely translated “Unleashing the full potential of every child”
  • Money Time: Financially educating a whole generation of youth
  • CORE Education: Pushing the boundaries of educational possibility
  • Eurekely: Live Learning
  • iQualify: Powered by learning

Part 4 co-hosted with Truman Pham showcased


  1. Hi Dave
    Thanks for publishing this – great to get all the links in one place especially since it is not possible to engage with all of these in real time.

    best wishes,


  2. Thanks so much Dave for sharing these great presentations and for providing our wee charity Digital Future Aotearoa with an opportunity to show off the Electric Garden project.

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