Connecting with me on LinkedIn

So you want to “Connect with me on LinkedIn” – awesome! But there needs to be a bit more for me to accept.

1) Tell me why
Simply asking to connect ain’t enough – let me know why, is it for a particular job, because of my background, due to something of mine you read, looking to connect with someone I know or because you recently met me and think we should be keeping track of each other.

2) Give me a hint at how we might know each other
Have I already met you, were we at the same event, do we have a mutual friend or two that told you that we need to meet, etc … please give me a clue.

Then we can connect, and hopefully do some cool stuff together.

If you don’t tell me how we might know each other, and why you think we should connect, the you start looking like someone who is just connecting contacts for the fun of it, or worse, a spammer.

The above was plagiarised shamelessly with permission from my good friend +Mike Riversdale, aka @MiramarMike, whose many endearing qualities include that he’s still using G+. Thanks Mike!

Parenthood, business, and investment

I was recently interviewed by Sarah Spear at The Parentalist, a new blog featuring parents who are “making an impact on the world, in business and in their local communities”.

You listen to (or download) the audio:

Or watch the video:

On a related note, today I added the job “Parent at My Family” to my LinkedIn profile.  Why is that?  Parenthood teaches you:

  • Putting the needs of others ahead of your own
  • Functioning with next to no sleep
  • Dealing with life-and-death unexpected emergencies
  • Motivating others
  • Communicating with people with a wide range of skills
  • Managing conflicting priorities
  • Building community
  • Financial management in uncertain conditions
  • … and the list goes on …

All of these are critical skills for business success in general, and startup success in particular.