A found poem from the early 1990s

I am a propellor on an aircraft carrier
I spin and thrust silently under the waterline
It can unleash tremendous power
It only looks like it is going slow because it is so big

I am a receiver on the dish at Arecibo
My friends and I are listening
For the others we know are there
We will wait for as long as it takes

I am the newsreader on the six o’clock news
Some hang on my every word, for others I’m merely background
Many people died today in tragic circumstances
But it was an interesting story

I am Schroedinger’s cat
I am in many places at once
And nowhere
I don’t want to die

I am the fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil
There’s no need to eat me
My secret is no more complex
Than the Golden Rule

I am a sign language interpreter
To some I am poetry in motion, to others I just look dumb
I don’t always understand what the speaker really means
Some concepts have no words

I am a hunter
My darts are tipped with love potion
Today I got a big one
I hope it doesn’t crush us

I am a toolsmith
Some of my tools are being used every microsecond
And others are used only once
My favourite tools are the ones other people like

I am a neuron in David Lange’s brain
I participate in grand hopes and cutting wit and buffoonery
Sometimes it seems too big
Long live the tea break

I am an accountant
The numbers balance
But they don’t tell the whole story
Nor the true story