Why we love Lightning Lab

I was recently interviewed about why we invested in Lightning Lab, New Zealand’s first digital accelerator.  Here’s the YouTube clip:

We’d been wanting to start an accelerator for the last few years in Wellington, and when CreativeHQ pulled together the key players, we quickly jumped on board.  So why did we invest in the accelerator itself?  For the same reasons that angels invest in anything.  In increasing order of importance,

1. We want to make the world a better place by creating something of great value
2. We want to contribute to our city and country
3. We really like the team behind the venture
4. We think it has an excellent chance of success
5. We want to get a great return on our investment

Unfortunately the video editor edited out that last point, which is pretty critical.

Bottom line: The Lab is turning out some amazing entrepreneurs and ventures.  I’m confident we’re achieving all of the above, but only time will tell.

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