The perfect alarm ringtone

One of the true delights of having kids is their help in music discovery. One of mine is a diehard death metal fan, and recently introduced me to Zeal and Ardor. I had a little listen to their YouTube collection, and came to Children’s Summon.

It starts off with a pleasantly jingly xylophone solo that covers a range of notes that will cut through ambient noise, followed by a death metally and loud guitar riff, followed by  some quieter but nevertheless jarring rhythmic growling in what vaguely sounds like Latin, and then, you knew it was coming all along, ear-piercing cacophony that will certainly fry your brain if you let it go on for too long.

Which makes the first part of this song the perfect alarm ringtone. You know you had better wake up and press that dismiss button before you get to the last bit.

I present you with the Children’s Summon ringtone, which you can download (right-click on that word ‘download’, then “save link as…”) or just listen to it below.

If you like this, I encourage you to listen to more Zeal and Ardor.