Introducing the Government Innovation Manifesto

As I work more and more with government innovators, I’ve learned that despite the fact that we come at it from many different angles, there is a common ethos and camaraderie. We’re all after the same thing: to improve government to better serve the governed.

They say we get the government we deserve. We say let’s earn that right to deserve the government we get by contributing to improving it.

To that end, Brenda Wallace and I wrote the Government Innovation Manifesto to bring these aspirations together in actionable statements.

The main headings:

  1. Government innovators are everywhere
  2. We innovate to improve our society
  3. Innovation is a team sport
  4. There are rules
  5. Innovation is risky
  6. Innovation is hard
  7. We are change agents

Read more at The Government Innovation Manifesto.